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Updated: Mar 12, 2020


Love Story is a video genre based on the history of the relationship between two loving people. In our Love Story we try to reveal the character and emphasize the soleness of feelings, because each story is unique in its own way. We develop each story together with its heroes from the stage of writing the script, filming, video editing to showing the video at the celebration.

Love story or the story of dating - all of the above is about love - can be written and shot according to a script that reflects real events in the lives of people who decided to bond their relationship.

It can also be a fictional story with a famously twisted plot. For example, the abduction and hostage taking, followed by heroic release, action, special effects and an unexpected outcome in which the heroes' eyes intersect and flare up an irresistible desire to be together everywhere and always. Also for the love story scenario the idea of a remake of a famous Hollywood movie can be taken (retro style with 'Gatsby' or luxury fairy tale of '50 Shades of Grey' or even 'Cinderella' story)


Love story can be shot both in the summertime and winter, in any weather condition, in the afternoon or at dawn or at midnight in the full moon. For example, on the beach in the resort of Mexico or in the exotic jungle of the Dominican republics.

It’s also possible to create a love story using material that was already personally taken long time ago by a couple or make a pre-wedding video with elements of a walk in nature, a picnic, an artistic sketch of a one-day in the life of lovers in their memorable places where they like to retire, spend time together.

In a winter time for a video shoot, you can go to a ski resort/snowboarding, make fun by sliding, build a snowman together, lie in the snow, play snowballs or take a fun on snowmobiles, and have very tasty cup of hot chocolate in a warm and cozy environment in the evening.


I'm personally convinced that the initial love story must be done very efficiently. There is no need to do something badly, especially when shooting a film for your loved ones. If your idea is to please and surprise everyone at the wedding banquet with a film about the origin of your mutual feelings, it is best to approach this exiting experience with lots of responsibility:

  • create interesting idea

  • work on a shooting script

  • choose location

  • pick up props and decoration

  • find nice outfit and accessorizes

  • collaborate with people (friends, relatives, co-workers) who wants to take part in the filming or might help organizing things.

In order to have a really good result our focus is to work in a pleasant and comfortable for everyone atmosphere, when the shooting process of the love story takes place in a friendly, fun, relaxed ambiance. This will be the key after shooting the Love Story video and post-production, as nothing raises the mood better than a comfortable environment on the set.

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