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I'm glad you have checked that page to get to know me better. 

I'm Anastasia: young, energetic and passion photographer, editor.  

I enjoy modelling a lot and have build a good portfolio with an international photographers in UAE, UK, RUSSIA and canada.

I'm performing in a movies from time to time and have worked with well popular professionals in a cinematography from USA and canada.   

the best thing i revealed for myself is that every individual, no matter how popular is he/she, can be so simple and easy going, friendly and open. when you are working on the same scene everybody is important and equally working hard with respect to each other. 

i deal with people all the time and i love noticing the beauty and individuality of each person i had to cross. so my goal is to build confidence and understanding of your strengths. you rock and you are a star in every second of your life. that's why we would focus on your level of comfort and reliance to capture an emotional minutes and have some fun.

any types of images and ideas: from casual urban/street style to your best fashion and glamorous look.

I also enjoy creating short but interesting video representing a personality and uniqueness. at the very first sight i know for sure what type and style of music would express more feelings and open up the character.


we are making deep sensitive content that shows you are number one in this world. just be yourself and let me catch a moment. i bet, you don't even imagine how beautiful and perfect you are..

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